Our Service

Real Estate Valuation

Our appraiser evaluates your property in terms of its condition to ensure its compatibility with the property available for sale/rent on the market. In addition, if necessary, our experts provide you with recommendations on the optimal planning and arrangement of your property. 


Consultation with a Banker

If the buyer of your apartment needs to consult a banker, we can help him/her to get professional and effective advice.


Professional Photography

An effective photo is crucial when selling and renting real estate. Our professional photographer will take photos that will make it easier for a potential buyer to perceive all the advantages of your property and will be ready to negotiate further.

Digital Media

Your real estate sale/rental ad will be posted on the company's website and on social networks, which will ensure the creation of demand for it among interested groups.

Legal Services

When buying/selling/renting real estate, our representative meets and communicates with the interested third party, as well as prepares the relevant contract and assists in the process of registering documents in the LEPL National Agency of Public Registry. 

Beka Bechvaia

Real Estate Manager

+995 577 388 397

Mariam Makhatadze

Real Estate Manager

+995 577 111 441

Maia Sakvarelidze

Head of Brokerage Unit

+995 577 344 949