About Us

m² Broker is a real estate management company that supports the buying/selling/renting of real estate of m², its residents and others.

Real estate includes:

  • Under construction and completed apartments in m² complexes;
  • Newly built or renovated apartments;
  • completed and commissioned apartments (renovation, white, black, green frames);
  • Office and commercial spaces.


The idea of m² Broker is to provide you with maximum comfort in the process of the purchase and sale/rent of apartments and other types of real estate, so that you make a profit, feel stable and live in peace!

Our main values are:


The expertise of m² Broker is speed, good knowledge of the market, effective and persuasive communication, compatibility of legislation and related legal issues with your needs.


A focus on convenience is a core value and is reflected in your exclusive service and delivery of processes that minimize your day-to-day involvement.


Our reliability is based on 16 years of experience in the real estate market and the positive practice of long-term relationships with you.

Beka Bechvaia

Real Estate Manager

+995 577 388 397

Mariam Makhatadze

Real Estate Manager

+995 577 111 441

Maia Sakvarelidze

Head of Brokerage Unit

+995 577 344 949